Forcasting and Risk Management Tool


  • Forecasting mill revenue for pesticide use in California (Forecasting).
  • Production and Price forecasting for specialty crops in California (Forecasting).
  • Risk in Dairy margin protection programs (Risk analysis and Real Option Approach).
  • Representative farm models; budget and financials for specialty crops and dairy farms (Risk analysis).
  • Technological investment feasibility for stakeholders (Risk analysis).
  • Greenhouse production investment feasibility (Risk analysis and Real Option Approach).
  • Irrigation system investment analysis for grape production (Risk analysis).
  • Policy analysis for producer’s decision-making under uncertainty (Weather-based Production and Risk analysis).
  • Substituting Methyl Bromide for producers (Risk analysis).
  • Water risk and water efficiency for agricultural production (Risk analysis).
  • Demand Analysis.
  • Implications of trade agreements on agricultural commodities, e.g. dairy, and wine.

This tool can be used for a variety of purposes. Please contact me for details.