At the completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. apply basic statistics concepts to analyze business management problems;
2. recognize the importance of probability and statistical analysis and inference in decision
3. apply universal analytical tools to assess statistics related food system issues;
4. develop statistical ability to think critically about numerical information;
5. communicate clearly about statistics concepts and the application of the concepts to solve
food system problems

Introduction to Microeconomics:

The goals of this course are to:
1. Introduce students to economic theory as it relates to consumption, production, and
exchange decisions by individual entities.
2. Enable students to develop an understanding of economic problems in food systems, and
how economic principles are used to analyze and solve problems in the food and agricultural industry.
3. Explain and analyze the operation of competitive markets, as opposed to noncompetitive markets, as well as the effects of government intervention in such markets.


Student Competition Team:

Food Distribution Research Society Conference – 2015. October 9-12, Philadelphia.

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Agribusiness Club:

The Agricultural Business Club welcomes all students of any major at Fresno State. Our members include Agricultural Business majors, as well as Animal Science, Ag Education, Ag Communications, Plant Science, and Viticulture/Tree Fruit students.

The primary function of the Ag Business Club is to provide students with a dynamic resource for both academic and industry involvement. The club provides formal and informal activities where students become acquainted, develop support systems and network with faculty and professionals in the agricultural industry.

Scheduled events include field trips to local ag businesses, a day trip and an overnight trip each year. The club hosts the annual Alumni Dinner in May which is a great opportunity to meet professionals in the industry and network. Members also enjoy BBQs and social activities such as pizza night, miniature golf, and bowling.  During the semester, the Club meets at noon on the first Monday of every month with a guest speaker of interest to students.

The Ag Business Club invites interested students, of any major, to meet new friends and participate in the many exciting activities the club has to offer.